about us



Chase Buttice, MA, LMP 

Chase is the owner of Wild Moon Holistic Therapies in Seattle, WA a practice that offers intuitive counseling, astrology and tarot readings, and bodywork to create a special healing blend that aims to empower and expand the consciousness of every one of her clients.  She is the co-host of Wild Light Radio, a podcast aimed at exploring the mystic ideas that help us evolve and the practical ways of embodying them to move ourselves forward.    

Mark F. Barone, MA, LMHC

Mark is the owner of Sol Catalyst Therapies, a practice offering Psychospiritual Counseling and Mystical Healing involving the blending of traditional psychotherapy with use of The Tarot, Chakra System, Astrology, Alchemy, and Reiki toward facilitating the freedom, empowerment, and expansion of his clients.  He is the co-host of Wild Light Radio, a podcast focused on illuminating the connections between science and the mysterious that increases consciousness and identifies tangible actions which support evolutionary paradigm shifts.