Divine Confidence : Synthesis of the Divine

Divine Confidence is a term I originally heard from one of my beloved teachers, Tosha Silver  She was said it casually in one of her in her weekly forum calls, and I remember hearing the term and thinking, “Yes, Divine Confidence!”  Its a term that speaks to a confidence that is outside of our own human doing, outside of the ego, and really, outside of ourselves. It speaks to the part of ourselves that is eternal, ethereal, and divine.  

I love the way that Anita Moorjani talks about the ego in relation to confidence.  She akins it to having two knobs, one of conscious awareness and the other of ego. If our level of conscious awareness, meaning our own divinity and awareness of self as spirit on this planet is turned up, then turning up the ego knob- the knowledge of ourselves as material beings on a material plane in our material bodies is able to embody this energy with grace and ease.  It is very akin to having the balance of masculine and feminine energies within the self. If our conscious awareness knob or yin feminine self is turned up but our ego knob is turned down, we are unable to easily move through this world, we are overly spiritual, and have no ego at all pushing us forward in life, giving us the confidence to believe we are worthy of material gain and recognition.  Yet, if we have only the ego knob turned up and the spiritual awareness knob turned down, we create and manifest and work on this material plane but don't necessarily have much meaning or soul to our work. We simply create and make money and put ourselves out there just for the sake of fame, money, and materiality. Yet when these two energies are in balance, and the two are able to work in connection, simultaneously, a small miracle can occur.  We can begin to embody divine confidence.

Our egos are the force that creates boundaries for our spiritual form.  It is the thing that creates matter from the spirit. It is an absolutely integral part of being a spiritual being on this planet.  Yet, so many spiritual traditions admonish the ego and put us in a place of feeling that we are almost bad for thinking we deserve certain things.  I know that is how I have felt in the past. As someone that has actually taken ‘refuge’ as a buddhist and studied Hinduism and Buddhism closely, it is a central part of these religions to surrender the ego and identify oneself only with spirit.  Yet, by doing that, we are denying a central piece of our existence on this planet. To be here in this material form, our egos help us create the boundaries and materiality out of our spirit. It is what helps us move forward on this realm. It has taken me many years to come to this realization, and it is the true integration of the masculine and feminine energies.  

One could say that the ego is yang energy and the yin is spiritual energy, but if one is out of balance, the other can not fully express itself.  The only way these two energies can fully express themselves is if they are balanced, side by side. The only way to truly embody Divine Confidence is if we are in tune with our own spiritual divinity as well as our material divinity.  These are two sides of the same coin and can move us forward with grace and ease if we choose to acknowledge them.

So what does Divine Confidence look like?  It looks different on every person but carries the same core, it is a confidence or sense of self that is led with a higher purpose, simply put.  So how does one get in tune with this sense of purpose? It comes down to creating the time and space to tune back into yourself so that you can hear your inner voice, intuition, and higher guidance.  Everyone has this, everyone has access to it. It is something we are all born with, it is the cosmic energy that is inside of everyone of our eyes, it is the eternal energy that shines through every human soul.  We are all divine creations of this universe, and remembering this is truly one the most revolutionary and potent practices any one human can do.


Written By: Chase Buttice